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The same photovoltaic systems that convert solar energy into electricity are becoming available as portable systems that you can carry wherever you want. The fixed solar systems have already dramatically transformed the whole idea of power generation, compared to the conventional fossil fuel generators. We now have access to systems that are silent, ecologically friendly, free from pollution and also free from emission gases. Being able to take them wherever you want means we are entering into an era of liberty and freedom that is without precedent.

Portable Solar Generator

The possibilities for using portable solar system are limited only by our imagination. Whether it is a matter of a trip to the Amazon forest or an expedition to the desert, portable power systems bring creature comforts within reach at the end of each day. There is no longer any need to remain within connecting distance of the national electrical grid.

Portable Solar Power

Convenience for the user as well as protection of the environment are both key characteristics of portable solar systems. They do not require fuel, pollute the air, need maintenance or make any noise. Large or small, they can be carried or transported using appropriate vehicles.

Portable solar power with storage batteries can therefore provide for all electrical requirements whether users are camping out in African game reserves or providing help to distant third world countries. Base camps can therefore be provided with all modern conveniences and information technology.

Portable solar power systems include all the components required for efficient power generation. Contemporary design and technology means that the panels, wiring, charge controllers and battery inverters are all packed into these compact units. At any time when the sun is shining, they can be switched on to generate instantly usable 120 volt A.C. power from solar radiation. With their battery backup systems, portable photovoltaic solar power systems have many benefits including of course electrical power in remote areas where there is no connection to the electrical grid.

Three major components for portable solar power systems mean that the design is both simple and effective. The photovoltaic panels generate electricity from the sun, and then run this through a charge controller into battery storage, to finally have the inverter use the power from the batteries to provide one hundred and twenty volts A.C. current in standard sign waveform whenever required. The batteries also store any surplus current that is produced so this can be used later for example when the sun is not shining or at night.

With advances in design technology, smaller or compact portable generators for solar power can be used in locations as diverse as recreational vehicles or boats, as well as on construction sites where electrical grid power has not yet been provided. They can be carried in small trucks or cars to remote locations, to farms or ranches where they can be used to power external equipment or internal appliances.

Protons from sunlight are absorbed by the solar cells in portable solar generators just as they are in fixed solar generators. This provides the energy to generate power. Thus apart from the fact that fixed power generators cannot be moved and portable power generators can accompany the user wherever they want to go, in terms of solar power generation the principle is identical.

The day may well come when traditional diesel or propane power generators are no longer used and the world at large will turn to portable solar power generators for both business and home use. The current trend shows that conventional, polluting power generators will soon be overtaken by cleaner, more efficient systems such as solar power generators.

Portable Solar Power